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Finally finished watching the dub of Last Exile: Fam the Silverwing and while I enjoyed it, I was disappointed that they didn’t cover some big plot points that came about between the two series.
For one, how did Dio survive falling in the Grand Stream, not to mention how did he regain his sanity?…

Okay well I can shed some … light on a couple of these points.

THE DIO STUFF AND CLAUS WHEELCHAIR STUFF: Dio’s thing was actually canon in the first series, but it was explained really badly. Have some info about it here. They recently wrote a really shitty, OOC novel in a new artbook about the “story” about it but it’s really so bad it made me angrier about the attempt to turn it into something. By slapping peoples’ characterization and adding new pointless characters that didn’t fit in the setting and just had some all around bad writing. (Dio is the reason Claus was in a wheelchair, too, for reference). If you wanna read the novel, here, there are a lot of comments after it with some good discussion about … its…… quality………… But yeah the general Dio surviving thing without the shitty novel was something established in the actual first series. Despite again, it being really LOL.

New world time: Anatoray/Disith has been back on Earth for 2 years at the start of Fam (it’s a two year timeskip between the first and second series). Their previous land/where their Exile landed had not been settled in by anybody else due to the size of their world, which is why Ades didn’t know much about them at the start, however Turan somewhat did because they were located a bit closer. Turan’s Exile had been back for over 100 years prior to the series.

Otherwise yeah, as a GONZO series there are a lot of things they could have focused a little more on story-telling wise. I admit whenever new things were slated to come out (like the Fam Aerial Log) I hoped they’d do a lot more worldbuilding, but there’s still a lot of content that wasn’t deeply delved into. Of  course maybe we will get some tidbits down the line! I am planning to slowly poke through untranslated parts of the artbooks since I sloth my way through the content as projects for my domain.


Norman Reedus fresh from set after filming all day in the GA heat and humidity 7/22/14. Griffin, GA. He’s amazing and so gracious with the fans, as always!! Set 1/2

this was the best ending to any movie ever. ever. 

no one can convince me otherwise. 

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Kenny seems to really like that baby.

I wonder if he’s going to.

AbDUCKt him.

  • Telltale: oh you love that character?
  • Telltale: would be a shame if
  • Telltale: something happened to them


Smash Bros Crossover

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Omg CuteNews is REALLY NICE I am futzing around with it and my brain isn’t exploding. :D

I might finish this all…!

I need one more line for the doujin!

One more glossary term to make super sure of!

In the meantime I’m reading over what I have to make sure the wording isn’t complete shit!!

Maybe I should look into the news update system. (has anybody ever used CuteNews?)

Also considering a kind of tiny little chatbox for the forum or something maybe idk.

But the point is I should have a big Fam Aeral Log/both series glossaries/LucciDio doujin scanlation update maybe if it all pans out in the next couple-ish days. GO ME.


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